Questions arise around US ’self-defense’ argument for killing Soleimani

Questions arise around US ’self-defense’ argument for killing Soleimani

Global legal experts and a senior UN rights investigator have raised concerns around the Trump administrations justification in killing a top Iranian general as an act of self-defense. Iraq’s PM has said Washington violated a deal for keeping US troops in his country by undertaking the attack. Agnes Callamard, a UN official, has said killing Soleimani ’appears far more retaliatory for past acts’.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months

No benghazi under Trump, you try it you get deleted.

Jester 5 months

Fuck the UN.

NotACerealKiller 5 months

Except it does, but oh well. If not self defense, then the defence of an ally. Same thing.

Dave 5 months

It's not self defence. He was a cunt, he was killed. If anything it was retaliation.

IvoryDove 5 months

Soleimani was already declared a terrorist. Anyone who hung out with him was on notice.

Obvy. 5 months

He was a terrorist who planned tge assault on our embassy.... yes this was self defense, he was already planning to attack more Americans.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 5 months

The UN Human Rights council members include Pakistan (death penalty for blasphemy), Somalia and Sudan (death penalty for homosexuality), Mauritania (500,000 people enslaved), Venezuela, Qatar and Libya (enslave migrants). Moreover 85% of UNHRC praised Iran for it's "human rights" record, Iran that killed 1500 protestors just last year. I'll take anything the UN has to say seriously when it starts living by it's founding code.

Paul N
Paul N 5 months

Yes of course the toothless failure called the UN would say this. They only admire dictators and despots.

Ben 5 months

wow you idiots are thirsty to have more people's children die in forever wars. Disgusting

Seekster 5 months

The UN has opinions on how we killed a terrorist leader? That's cute.

Hypnotica 5 months

Its quite clear that the majority of the UN is no friend of the US. Their goal is to make America weak while appeasing dictatorships. Didn't work on Hitler, won't work now.

TheMadDane 5 months


- Minus -
- Minus - 5 months He was listed as a terrorist back in 2007

Chase100 5 months

Hmmm, how about Iran found new oil field of 53B barrels in Nov: How about the US, Saudi Arabia, and Russia the 3 largest oil producing nations in the world? hmmmm if Iran tries to sell that oil, it'll cut into all the elites profits. Saudi Arabia's Aramco just IPO'ed. hmmmmmm How about the military industrial complex making shit tons of money off war? War is a racket for the few elites, costing trillions with Americans dying. We are sending thousands more troops, we are not getting out of the middle east. We are going to stay their indefinitely because the US Military is being used as a pawn of the military industrial complex and oil elites. Why do I say this? Bush/Cheney LIED about Iraq and WMDs, Nixon LIED about Vietnam and the false flag attack. Trump is part of this military industrial complex swamp. Iraq parliament voted to kick the US out of Iraq, that's our chance to leave! Watch Trump keep our troops there and in harms way because he is a pawn of the military industrial complex. And before you idiots say "you're made he killed a terrorist" No dumbasses, I don't mourn for that fucker's death, I am frustrated with HOW this was done at this time and question the motives--in such public display and provocation, egging Iran to retaliate. In the military they teach you about the impact of your decisions and the 2nd and 3rd order consequences. We didn't obviously think this through and how this was done and why is so questionable. And you idiots who say they won't have you seen the protests across the cities in Iran with hundreds of thousands of people, do you think their government is going to cave or any of the terrorists there will cave? America is now LESS SAFE you idiots. If you like war so much go the fuck over there and fight and die over LIES. It's hilarious you guys actually trust the US government when it comes to international conflict and provocation when history has shown us our own government lies to us to feed the military industrial complex. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

bobby_5150 5 months

Soleimani wasn't a threat. He was in Iraq on vacation. It's a really nice place. I'm thinking of taking my family there on spring break.

Blaeingr 5 months

... and we give a fuck because?

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 5 months

After all this time, we should have already taken this evil bastard out.

Decoy 5 months

This is so stupid. The justification given in these sources involve Iranian finding to rogue groups that ended up attacking our foreign territories, forgetting that we've been doing that to them too. This proxy war had been going both ways for a while now and we don't have the right to play innocence.

Fin 5 months

Right Bobby he was first on holiday in syria n then part of the vacation was a scenic stop in Bagdad...

Fin 5 months

So what is baffling is the card Blanche Iran General had walking in n out of Iraq in his military uniform. N Iraq leadership did nothing.. As if Iraq but a suburb of Iran n under Iranian rule due to majority shiite... Twas the perfect cover for the general to conduct guerrilla warfare ops.... Now all President need do is plain explain the Intel that was immediate on a US target... N make it clear the general was one violating international law.... Cause he was hiding in a uniform when nothing but a dressed up terrorist with medals on his chest n a state sanctioned titled

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