Thousands flock to mourn Soleimani in Iran

Thousands flock to mourn Soleimani in Iran

The body of Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani returned to Iran on Sunday. Thousands of mourners gathered on streets dressed in black. Soleimani’s casket was driven amidst the large crowds on the back of a truck. Soleimani’s burial will take place in his home town of Kerman on 7 January.

Dave 2 months

Find out where they bury him, then if they start, drone strike the grave too.

NotACerealKiller 2 months

Why is this news? The death (drone strike) was news-worthy. But why is his burial? I don't believe that anyone thought he was just left there to rot...

Rocky 2 months

And thousands more flock to celebrate his death through the streets in several nations. He was absolutely hated by our allies.

Coolidge 2 months

I remember something similar when Kim Jong IL died. Lots of fake tears motivated by fear of the government.

Fin 2 months

We live in a republic governed by democracy... They live in in a state ruled by theocracy.. Understand the difference n fact that Fatwas are their version of rule of law.. The entire purpose is to get total emotional support for their martyr so that they have a religious call to unfy a call for war far beyond the borders of iran

Robb 2 months

Fuck Iran lets give them a nuclear winter

Fin 2 months

What's alarming is some of very Iranians who were targeted by their gov in violent response to their protesting a few weeks ago... Now in mourning... N involved in chanting death to America... The pandoras box is he is now been martyred in their eyes... N it's a unifying ploy

Article V FTW
Article V FTW 2 months

His casket? Don't you mean the collection of Glad bags that store what's left of his body?

Obvy. 2 months

"mourn"? are you sure they arent celebrating in the streets?

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