President launches ’Evangelicals for Trump’ rally

President launches ’Evangelicals for Trump’ rally

Addressing a re-election rally to shore up evangelical support, US President Donald Trump said his Democratic opponents would tear down crosses. Trump pledged to bring prayer to public schools and told his supporters,’We are defending religion itself, it’s under siege.’

Thomas 2 months


Chase100 2 months

I’m Roman Catholic and I don’t think this is right. If people don’t wanna pray in school or wherever that’s their freedom and right. This is a nation of freedom and secular government. No religion in government.

ffcSquall 2 months

I doubt he'll even try, but that's a real stupid thing to say.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 2 months

I watched that speech LIVE and he never said that this is FAKE NEWS. He said he would not allow schools to prevent students from saying prayers if they chose to do so. Their is a HUGE difference. He specifically mentioned the High School that told students they were not allowed to pray before a football game. The students rightfully disobeyed the request and are suing the school.

Fin 2 months

Already defying law in Florida where public schools on weekend have been doubling for churches and put up banners advertising it... Try it n see if you don't get a boat load of law suits in violation of first amendment rights... I live in a republic democracy not a religious dictatorship ruled by theocracy

General Zap
General Zap 2 months

My God.

Rocky 2 months

I would be for this. The founders had prayer in schools to begin with. Religion is tied to many of our original American values. With the current youth disenfranchised with little purpose or hope a little prayer and humbling before God could help a lot.

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