5 dead and 60 injured in Pennsylvania Turnpike crash

5 dead and 60 injured in Pennsylvania Turnpike crash

At least five people have been killed and nearly 60 injured Sunday in a massive crash that shut down almost 100 miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. As per reports, the crash involved two tractor trailers, a tour bus and passenger vehicles. The tour bus could be seen flipped on its side as a result of the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board investigators were at the scene.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 months

Always wonder when these things happen how many times the same spot on the road has had pile ups.

Life of Ri
Life of Ri 4 months

Wow. Prayers for the dead and their families tonight...

Dave 4 months

Thanks Trump!

TheWired 4 months

People calling for more regulation or scrutiny... Do your damn research on these companies and if the bus looks like it is in disrepair then don't get on it. I've had issues with this type of budget bus company before. School trip and the bus broke before it got to the school and as we arrived back at the school. I am surprised it made it to Florida with hie badly it was running and driving. Couldn't check the tire but fuck should have.

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