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Arizona man arrested in connection with mountain lions eating human remains

Arizona man arrested in connection with mountain lions eating human remains

Sheriff deputies have arrested a 21-year old in connection to the death of a man whose remains were found being eaten by three mountain lions near a popular hiking trail. Dylan Jacob Thornton was arrested for stealing the vehicle of the man whose remains were being eaten by the animals near the Pima Canyon Trail in the hills north of Tucson.

I Am Grug
I Am Grug 8 months

Ha you thought this story was over! It’s now a murder mystery! Grug knows the truth! All those people had access to Hillary Clinton’s personal email server! Including those mountain lions.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 8 months

They shot the Lions because they didn't like their food being stolen. That's what it came down to. That aside, it's bad enough to murder someone and steal their property, but is it necessary to leave the corpse to be eaten? Then again, one man killed his daughters and put their remains in an oil tank. Some really sick people in the world.

npc8472 8 months

That guy is dumb....everyone k ows you take the body to a pig farm....they eat everything.

Taft Tibbs
Taft Tibbs 8 months

picture of young guy same as someone else in another article on some sort of killing in London or something. it's obviously the work of clones who knew the clintons

john 8 months

He sure was brave to run between the lions and grab the car keys.

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