Iran general replacing Soleimani vows revenge for US killing

Iran general replacing Soleimani vows revenge for US killing

Esmail Ghaani, the Iranian general taking over for Qassem Soleimani, said Monday that ’actions will be taken’ to revenge the death of his predecessor.’God the almighty has promised to get his revenge, and God is the main avenger,’ Ghaani said, adding ’Certainly actions will be taken.’Ghaani now serves as the head of the Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force. He has been sanctioned by the US since 2012.

Jus Saying
Jus Saying 2 months

Quick drone him too.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 2 months

I'm crossing him out preemptively.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 2 months

You would have thought they would bite their lip after the last shit posting match, because Trump won that round easy, best thing these fuckers can do is shit post from a bunker, and even then, tread lightly, the drones already warmed up for you.

MrVairhein 2 months

this is the response of someone who thinks God is their homeboy. The US would probably say something similar if the tables were turned. Theyre about to make a huge mistake

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

This guy thinks he is Muhammad speaking for Allah. Nothing like using cult belief to radicalize your people.

Innerparty 2 months

He could use a good laxative.

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