US denies Iraq pullout amid letter confusion

US denies Iraq pullout amid letter confusion

The Pentagon said that a US general’s letter informing Iraq’s Defense Ministry that US-led troops would leave Iraq ’was a mistake,’ and American defense offcials insisted that the troops would remain there. The clarification came after the letter — unsigned but bearing the typed name of US Marine Corps Brig. Gen. William Seely, the commanding general of Task Force Iraq — was leaked to media.

Tom A
Tom A
Chase100 2 months

YAY!!!!! PLEASE WITHDRAW and get the fuck outta there. Let them be and focus on Americans and America!

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 2 months

YES!! come on!! let them solve their problems and we'll solve ours.

Nika 2 months

Americans overwhelmingly want to be out of Iraq. left and right. Let's just do it already.

npc8472 2 months

I really do hope they use this as an excuse to withdraw while saying it isnt any form of loss. Win win for America imo.

Seekster 2 months

Headline is wrong. Official word is that the letter was poorly worded and there is no decision on withdraw yet. Edit: It appears they fixed the headline.

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 2 months


Fin 2 months

Could we look any more stupid on world stage walking back this letter..seriously leadership. U have American troops hanging out in wind... Just yesterday 22 seals shot down in Afghanistan copter attack n a American general killed in Afghanistan.... Either get it together in Iraq or get out... Tonight u got Iran daring u to escalate into a war... Enough n stop silver back ape chest beating. N get it together ..

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