UK pulls staff at Iranian and Iraqi embassies

UK pulls staff at Iranian and Iraqi embassies

Britain has reduced staff at its embassies in Iran and Iraq to a minimum level amid security concerns after the killing of a top Iranian general. The ambassadors - Rob Macaire in Tehran and Stephen Hickey in Baghdad - will remain in place. The Ministry of Defence has also sent an emergency evacuation to Iraq as the UK steps up its plans to remove military and civilian personnel from the region.

Tom A
Tom A
Jon 2 months

Cultural targets? That's what ISIS does not the United States Mr. President dipshit.

Takoda Ackerley
Takoda Ackerley 2 months

I think people are underestimating the political fallout over this.

Spitfire WA
Spitfire WA 2 months

I feel like removing myself from my workplace. Anyone here think Barrow Island could potentially be a target.?

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