Aston Martin profits plunge after ’disappointing’ year

Aston Martin profits plunge after ’disappointing’ year

Aston Martin has issued a profit warning after a ’very disappointing’ 2019. Shares of the luxury car maker plunged by as much as 16% after it said annual earnings were expected to fall by nearly half from a year earlier.

ConcealCarryProtect 5 months

Terrible. Just terrible. Back to my lower class lifestyle.

James Smith
James Smith 5 months

can't buy one so not relevant to be, however when the exotic car rental companies talk about cars to own, Aston Martin doesn't fair well.

Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 5 months

I know that yellow car is a concept car, ... but what in the world is with the 2-ft underbite on the front bumper there? That car needs to see a dentist! 🙂

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