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Musk hosts SNL; opens up about Asperger’s, discusses weed, DOGE among others

Musk hosts SNL; opens up about Asperger’s, discusses weed, DOGE among others

On SNL, Elon Musk told viewers that he ’is the first person with Asperger’s’ to host the show. During the opening, Musk spoke of how he sometimes posted strange comments on social media: ’Did you also think I was going to be a chill, normal dude?,’ he said. He also joked about smoking cannabis on a podcast. His appearance sparked a sharp fall in the dogecoin when he appeared to call it a ’hustle.’

Jack 1 months

Fast forward; the narcissist has cemented the DSM-5 towards recognizing the specific diagnosis as “Musk Syndrome” or “Elonic”. Guy has a fat ego.

Test Steam
Test Steam 1 months

To be fair his ego matches his power. Just look at BTC or doge everytime he burps. Guys got style, can be an inspiration in the achieve your dreams role through his accomplishments.

Miranda 1 months

More 👏 autistic 👏 slave owners 👏 Seriously though, as much as I dislike SNL I honestly expected better from them than to being someone like him on. Autistic or not he’s a trash human either way. Can’t say I’m surprised that he’s referring to himself as an outdated diagnosis coined by a Nazi scientist though

Got Truth
Got Truth 1 months

Younger folks won't remember this, but SNL used to be a comedy show.

Seekster 1 months

Elon Musk is currently the most interesting living human.

Soorena 1 months

These comments in social media really show how dumb Americans are and perhaps most human beings. You’re all trash. England was happy when your ancestors set sail on a ship. The retards left there country. Deplorable trash Americans and their stupid opinions. Stfu

Darin 1 months

It's all common sense. I don't know anyone who will accept dogecoin as currency. I recently bought a house. I don't think the sellers would have accepted dogecoin in place of dollars. Those who think it's a legitimate form of currency are naive.

Wendy 1 months

Musk being a "typically atypical" person with Autism... claims to be first to host SNL...🤣 Meanwhile, Dan Akyroyd shakes head...🤣🤣

dan 1 months

I'll never understand the hatred people have towards musk

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