Boeing recommends simulator training for 737 Max

Boeing recommends simulator training for 737 Max

Boeing has said it is recommending that pilots receive training in a flight simulator before the grounded 737 Max returns to flying. The recommendation is based on changes to the plane, results from tests involving a small number of pilots, and a commitment to the safe return of the Max, the company added. The final decision on the nature of training will be up to the FAA and other regulators.

Ivan Ivanovich Ivanovski
Ivan Ivanovich Ivanovski 2 months

I'll never fly on one of these. I'll tell everybody about it in the lines at the airport. Fucking scrap it

Rai 2 months

The answer is more training for the pilots?? How about a properly designed airplane first?

Fin 2 months

How do u ever trust anything Boeing again... Break em up they r beyond corrupt

Freyar H
Freyar H 2 months

No shit, really?

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