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Senate Republicans to move ahead with impeachment trial rules without Democrats

Senate Republicans to move ahead with impeachment trial rules without Democrats

Members of the Republican Party in the US Senate are expected to move ahead on a set of impeachment trial rules, all without the support of the Democrats. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, will reportedly pass a blueprint for the trial. Many senators have, however, said that confusions around seeking witnesses and documents will only be resolved once opening arguments are made.

porcus 7 months

Nice! Finish this Shampeachment for good.

Jackson 7 months

This impeachment is a sham. It’s a desperate attempt to affect the 2020 election and it’s not going to work.

AD C 7 months

Well, impeachment is supposed to start right after the house votes for it. So he's kind of doing what should have started weeks ago. Update: Yes impeachment doesn't technically start until the articles are sent to the Senate. But that's something the Speaker of the house(Nancy Pelosi) is supposed to do right after the house votes yes. One of the very legal experts that House called to justify the impeachment of Trump has said that Nancy should not have delayed sending the documents. Which still means the Senate should have already started the process weeks ago.

Mitchell 7 months

Welcome to the White House Smackdown live on WWE!!!

Knight's 7 months

public the Senate Republicans are approaching this impeachment the same way that the impeachment was handled for President Clinton. They're going to have opening statements and then everybody's going to vote on whether or not there will be Witnesses.. there's no real outrage here there's no reason to be upset

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 7 months

oh i thought dems had come to their senses and already abandoned this charade. forcing the dems to wait was brilliant because it killed the media momentum the impeachment had. now nobody cares.

Frank Hauptle
Frank Hauptle 7 months

whenever they demand the right to call witnesses, ask them how many of the witness list the Republicians submitted in the house were accepted in the house.. answer none.. so they only want the other side to play fair.. hypocritical a-holes.

David 7 months

to the person that claimed Jimmy Carter sold his farm, do a little research before claiming something as true. his farm went into a trust. but read further for the names Lance & Kirbo.

Elva M
Elva M 7 months

if this was dems president it would be different it so very sad what about all the people like mitch and his wife taking money from Russia WAKE UP EVERYBODY mitch can't do that he trying to call a buff

Eileeñ 7 months

sorry but this is not legal they can't do that period they can try but without the facts at hand mean they don't care about the law period

Eileeñ 7 months

now is more clear that Republicans are scared of the truth coming out. now the people need a bull horn make no mistake they know they lost this battle so the next thing to do is burry it and hope no one cares enough about the law

Kumar 7 months

Under the rules passed by the Republican house in 2015 there are no time limits whatsoever... but yeah sure why not just lie about?

Kumar 7 months

Also, (as if any of you care) the process for impeachment is the SOLE responsibility of the House of Representatives. Period, unless you just want to ignore the Constitution.... Again ...

Jon 7 months

Lol go ahead Moscow Mitch. No one gives a shit what your dumbass thinks except the 32% that makes up the Trump base. Hes getting primaried, I hope he loses.

Elva M
Elva M 7 months

I just wish people would stop abusing their power

Fin 7 months

No ad there is zero in constitution article one powers that say must start right after... Clinton's did because gop house impeached n then ran articles over to gop controlled senate thinking they had public momentum...... This is first out of three where house n senate are run by opposite parties... It's more about public engagement n comprehension of presidential behaviors and legislative branch check.. That's y impeachment is political. In nature... Plez learn how your republic works n levers of gov work... Read federalist papers... N anti federalist debates... Stop being a pawn for propagandists on either side... It's not a popularity contest... It's a tri branch gov n each take oaths to uphold their duties per constitution

FactCheckerNeil 7 months

They seriously want a trial with no witnesses? what are they scared of? Wouldn't they just clear Trump's name?

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 7 months

what a disgrace the republicans have become.... wow all of them are selling out foe their own benefits. first Comrade Trump and now Moscow Mitch #OutWithTheRepublicans

lilith 7 months

Thank you, this is such a witch hunt.

William 7 months

So there just gonna make a show of a trial. Democrats with no proof. Kool!

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