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Quake strikes near Iranian nuclear power plant

Quake strikes near Iranian nuclear power plant

As per reports, a magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck an area less than 50 kms from Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant. The quake struck 17 kilometres south-southeast of Borazjan city at 6.49 am. There were no reports of any damage to the nuclear facility. Seven people have been reported injured.

Nomad 6 months

Everything about the Express in the UK ( is extreme. "Major Earthquake" "News around US - Iran is showcased with World War III preceeding" Garbage survives on exaggeration

Rhokanth 6 months

God be like "settle down kids".

Seekster 6 months

Starting to think God is pissed at Iran. -Trampling at funeral -Plane crash -Earthquake

Benzion Menashe
Benzion Menashe 6 months

Google "HAARP"...

L C 6 months

can we censure God for this act of war against iran?

space ghost
space ghost 6 months

Fucking Trump is there anything he won’t do.

Fin 6 months

Makes u wonder if some underground testing going on or yeah karma..

michael zubas
michael zubas 6 months

Earthquake maker bomb?

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