Netanyahu warns of ’strongest blow’ if Iran attacks Israel

Netanyahu warns of ’strongest blow’ if Iran attacks Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel would hit back ’with the strong blow’ against anyone who attacked the country. The comments were made following an Iranian missile strike on U.S.-led forces in Iraq. Netanyahu praised US President Donald Trump for the killing of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani and called it a bold move.

The Facts Provider
The Facts Provider 3 months

Shouldn't he be in jail already?

Mike 3 months

This makes me think of a weak, loud-mouth lout, asking his buddy who is a lot stronger than him to do all the beating, then steps forward victoriously and takes credit for it while cowering behind cautiously! Id' say, this is typical of the people involved here. All meticulously captured in the great teachings of the Torah. No wonder they've always been hated and spat at, wherever God sent them to live after being punished for fucking everything up, cheating and lying, including the Messiah. Behold the lie of the God Chosen Ones!

Noobs 3 months

Interesting how a country who has to live with these neighboring countries thinks. Either it is an opportunistic dig, or it is a result of having to live with reality. A kid that gets beaten up grows stronger and learns that the rosy BS about people being good and friendship is forever is BS. You can not talk down a bully, you can only hurt the bully to make him him reevaluate the cost benefit of the his or her actions.

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