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Accused cannibal pleads insanity to charges of killing and eating a man

Accused cannibal pleads insanity to charges of killing and eating a man

A Michigan man who was accused of killing and eating his Grindr date has plead insanity to the charges. Mark Latunski, 50, was accused of butchering 25 year old Kevin Bacon and eating his testicles. Records from the 66th District and 35th Circuit courts show that Latunski stopped taking the medication prescribed to treat his various mental health illnesses.

ConcealCarryProtect 8 months

Nobody addresses the continuous danger of predators in the gay community. We stopped thinking about that after Robert Berdella and Jeffrey Dahmer. For some reason it seems Gay men are a target to other violent homosexual men. The rape and murder of men may not be as prevalent as female rape and murder, but it seems like an unreported phenomena. It also seems these cases seem more graphic and violent usually resulting in death and dismemberment. Curious. Very tragic event and disgusting behavior. Someone lost their child to this evil person.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 8 months

What's for breakfast? Bacon balls and a side order of thighs.

Robert 8 months

Kevin Bacon Got ate. Sounds about right.

Lady Jane
Lady Jane 8 months

conceal carry....sad...Somebody's

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 8 months


Fin 8 months

Great point cc... This guy makes Dahmer look gentle... Being a sociopath doesn't make one insane.. I better there r other victims .

DrSlushee 8 months

this is wild from start to finish

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 8 months

Duck Dynasty.

Thomas 8 months

This, of course is dreadful but, Mr Bacon! Really?

Fin 8 months

It's sick n the mind of a sadist... Will bet u there are other victims... N gotta wonder if he is a meth user.. Crystal meth is a plague in gay men's world...

Jojo Fart
Jojo Fart 8 months

well technically if we're talking about a meat-Grinder he was right.

Carol 8 months

He "knew" what he was doing was wrong! Pills or no pills! No excuse for "murder!" Even children know right from wrong, adults just try to figure out "how" to get away with wrong. Answer to God at the end.

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