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Nurses, teachers and lawyers join French protests

Nurses, teachers and lawyers join French protests

As the French protests against the pension changes entered its 36th day, teachers, district nurses and lawyers joined the movement. Last week President Emmanuel Macron called for a ’quick compromise’ to end the biggest strikes of his presidency. The government hopes to end the deadlock in the next 24 hours.

Tom A
Tom A
alsroy757 1 year

Dude, does anybody in France like this president???

david dindu
david dindu 1 year

seems like the more social programs a country has theres more time to protest

porcus 1 year

:D Got to love how bad France's Macron is handling things. Lefties, this is what you keep claiming Trump is like. And why nobody believes you. Also, why nobody wants you in power.

Seekster 1 year

Unions gone mad.

Mike 1 year

Looking forward to my drugged up, asleep American brethren to RISE UP and fight the pigs that rape this country and keep most in this good place under the tyranny of economic injustice! It's not really bad ... yet but give it a little time! I have my yellow jacket ready.

Fin 1 year

This is how socialism defines one's future or denies it... Great health care but not free n taxed until u can't breathe to get certain crumbs..... Great schools if u can pass the exams n if don't well u finish with a nineth grade education.. N the state tells u what careers u have at ur disposal... N forget it if u are forty five n need a job... Just stay on perpetual unemployment.. Fixing ur income

BumperCar 1 year

I thought this is just a continuation of the Yellow Vest stuff. My advice? Give them what they want. And if it fucks the economy you'll know who to blame. If it won't, the public will love you.

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