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US House passes resolution seeking  to limit presidential war powers

US House passes resolution seeking to limit presidential war powers

The US House passed a resolution aiming to limit Presidential power to enter a war with Iran on a nearly party-line vote. But it would not be binding even if the senate passes it. It seeks to invoke the War Powers Act to prevent the President from entering in hostilities without Congressional mandate. Two Republican senators have said the might support it but it needs four Republican votes to pass

John Doh
John Doh 8 months

Oooooh, so NOW the Dems want to limit executive powers. It's almost as if politicians' stances change depending on who is president. Then us libertarians are called every derogatory name in the book when we advocate for less government power all around, regardless of who is in power this month. Weird how "principles" work in politics.

william 8 months

3 things 1 does that only apply to trump. 2 wasn't he de-escalating anyway? 3 I was too young to remember all of Obama's stuff but didn't he go into Libya and Syria?

Peking Biden
Peking Biden 8 months

with all votes going down partisan lines, what's the actual use of the house of representatives?

Josh 8 months

We are so used to Congress shirking its duty, we don't know what it is like for it actually claim its Constitution power to declare war. If we are going to fight, we should debate and decide what the objective is so the war actually has support in the country.

Billy 8 months

similar to the symbolic impeachment.

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