Trump uses campaign rally to trumpet Soleimani killing as ’justice’

Trump uses campaign rally to trumpet Soleimani killing as ’justice’

President Trump made the killing of Gen. Soleimani a theme of his re-election campaign on Thursday at a rally in Toledo, Ohio, and said the death saved lives and delivered ’American justice.’ At his first rally of the year, Trump also deflected criticism from Democrats who said he overstepped his authority: ’We didn’t have time to call up Nancy Pelosi,’ Trump told to the boisterous crowd.

Tom A
Tom A
Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months

It's amazing how salty lefties are because there's no war!

Joo Radley
Joo Radley 5 months

if the left had a candidate able to draw and energize crowds like that, they'd be doing it. Asinine as it may be at times, the man knows how to work an audience, something his opposition should and could learn from.

Indo 5 months

Trump sure loves his trumpeting. Been doing it since hollywood featured him on tv.

Fin 5 months

Dear leader theater is what those rallies are..

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 5 months

Cowboy justice. What a farce Trump has perpetrated.

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