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Trump administration marks 100 miles of border wall

Trump administration marks 100 miles of border wall

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf announced in Arizona on Friday that the administration has built 100 miles of new wall along the US-Mexico border. While the 100 miles are only a portion of the administration’s goal to build 450 miles by the end of this year and the majority replaces wall that was already in place, Wolf called the progress ’a milestone achievement’.

Dave 7 months

Now I know why everyone hates Trump. A president who is fulfilling their campaign promises?! That's a bad precedent to set, now the people will expect presidents to do what they said!

porcus 7 months

Not tired of winning. :D And the two barriers - physical wall and the political barriers of Guatemala and Mexico - are working beautifully. The massive influx of illegal aliens coming from the Southern border has been dropping nicely since these barriers were put in place. :D

mantico 7 months

We need a wall so we can have a nights watch 😃

Fin 7 months

How much of hundred miles is new n or repaired... N when is Mexico gonna pay for those hundred miles n more.. Am sick n tired of my tax dollars being used in bait n switch empty promises

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 7 months

cool, money wasted on a wall that they can still get through. money would of been spent better of equipment and boarder patrol but no let's just waste our money

Grundel 7 months

Quote from the article " the majority of which is replacing previous construction -- " They're doing what was already the plan before Trump suggested a wall, replacing barriers in high traffic areas. We no not need a single wall stretching the border.

anthony 7 months

They should have only used congressionally approved funds for border security and most of that money should have been spent at airports and ports of entry where most of the major drug and trafficking problems occur. The border wall is a vanity project for an egomaniac and now the military has lost a chunk of funds that would have supported construction projects that were to take place this year.

Kóhmúh N'de
Kóhmúh N'de 7 months

I'd like to deport Melania and Donald Trump to Eastern Europe or Russia.

Fin 7 months

Tito I do appreciate ur constructive criticism.. N thanks.. I mean that... Better to have dialogue n learn then to be at each other's throats

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 7 months

100-mile-stone achievement

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 7 months

The blatant waste of tax payer money and future target of humanitarian groups continues. Remember the last time a fascist had a wall built? It was awesome to watch it be torn down. Not that this one will ever be completed making it a BIGGER waste than it already is. And if you don't live IN a border state then your opinion MEANS NOTHING.

TehChuckles 7 months

Voters of Trump are Ecstatic, Wall is in contruction, Economy is booming, Tensions between the races at home and internationally are dropping. swamp is draining. Please Mr. Trump. we can't handle all of this winning! Yamate! Yamate!

Hexstan 7 months

"most of which replacing old construction" So he upgraded a hundred miles of wall that was already there, more "truthful exaggerations" (which is an oxymoron)

William 7 months

That’s great, but a wall isn’t going to SOLVE the problem

Samuel Pearson
Samuel Pearson 7 months


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