Judge clears path for recalling Alaska governor

Judge clears path for recalling Alaska governor

Alaska Judge Eric Aarseth has said that the voters have the right to determine whether Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy should be ousted. Citing that the recall process is fundamentally a political process, the Judge said that the judicial branch cannot decide whether the governor should stay in office. Recall supporters can now begin another round of collecting signatures to oust the governor.

rick purcell
rick purcell 2 months

Funny, headlines all say "judge ruled in favor", articles all say "judge said it is a political process and not up to the judiciary to decide".

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 2 months

Dunleavy, an admirer of President Trump, has likened his plight to that of the impeached president and blamed “special interests” for the recall. “My friend @GovDunleavy of the Great State of Alaska, is being treated very unfairly by the Democrats because he is doing an unbelievable job and fulfilling every one of his promises,” Trump said on Twitter in October. Another trump sycophant that is corrupt, shocking. When will the trumpists learn, none of them, including trump, have their best interests in mind. Even a Republican state like Alaska sees this now.

Fin 2 months

Puts Sen Murkowski in tricky situation.for impeachment trial...

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