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Trump sends North Korea’s Kim birthday wishes

Trump sends North Korea’s Kim birthday wishes

US President Trump has sent a happy birthday message to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. South Korea’s national security adviser Chung Eui-Yong, who met Trump in Washington recently, said he was given a message to pass to North Korea. ’President Trump asked President Moon to deliver his message to Chairman Kim’, said Chung, without elaborating further.

Seekster 1 year

Will someone phone the Express and tell them to knock it off with the World War 3 nonsense already! They are starting to scare dumb people (maybe that is the point).

America 1 year

And the meme war continues :)

porcus 1 year

Good to see nice diplomacy being performed.

Fin 1 year

I hope it was the photo of trump saluting one of Kim's generals without being prompted.. Sure made Kim smile that day.. A timeless moment captured for the world to see n a perfect pic for a dem ad

Octavio 1 year

What happened to being tuff on North Korea 🤷Trump is hoping Kim wo''t embarrass him again like he did over the holidays with his rocket test threats so here is trump kissing Ki''s ass.

Israel 1 year

Diplomacy is one thing but sending birthday wishes to a man who has been a accused of killing members of his own family and starving his people while his fat ass gets fatter is sick. I wish everyone would see trump for what he is, a wanna be dictator.

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