Australia PM regrets handling of bushfire crisis

Australia PM regrets handling of bushfire crisis

Australia’s PM Scott Morrison has expressed regret over his handling of the bushfire crisis. Morrison comments came as his government faced mounting criticism over the response to the bushfires and its climate policy. Morrison conceded on Sunday there were ’things I could have handled on the ground much better’. He said he would seek a royal commission review into the matter.

TehChuckles 2 months

We all know what happened all ready. we just have an insane climate cult dismissing the actual recorded human actions that lead to this disaster. This fire is worse than Black Wednesday for one sole reason. It was ENTIRELY preventable.

O'Brien 2 months

Not worse than Ash Wednesday in terms of lives lost, injuries or destruction of property. Also if just taking into account VIC and SA (where Ash Wednesday fires were) then land burnt isn’t worse either.

Fin 2 months

Vote him out

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 2 months

Australia's answer to any question that involves government failure: A royal commission. Several years and millions of dollars later a whitewash of the corporate owned players. Meanwhile Australia burns, people die and government on both sides play gentleman politics. Green Party response? Silence.

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