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US may no longer be UK’s key ally in conflicts, says Ben Wallace

US may no longer be UK’s key ally in conflicts, says Ben Wallace

Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace has said Britain must be prepared to fight wars without the US as its key ally. Wallace said the prospect of the US stepping back from its international leadership role under President Trump ’keeps me awake at night’. His comments come as the UK prepares to carry out a review of Britain’s security, defence and foreign policy.

Seekster 7 months

Name one country that is a better ally to Great Britain than the United States. Go ahead I'll wait.

Sir_Kutz 7 months

Yes, another country engaging in war should not be dependent on the US. The US shouldn’t be the go to for military support.

GreenMachine 7 months

They really shouldn't rely on US forces. UK is a great country. They can stand on their own. I'd rather have an equal ally than a weaker one.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 7 months

I read it as he is just saying that the UK needs to step up and not depend on suckling on the teet of the US in the future for UK's own defense. Makes perfect sense.

Dave 7 months

The UK doesn't have the military presence it used to on the world stage. Maybe instead of "be prepared to fight wars alone" just be prepared to fight less wars. Our navy and air force are a joke compared to what they once were. While it is true that a squad under fire prays for the British to answer a call for aid and the SAS is still regarded as one of the top elite squads. Their numbers are reduced too much to be very effective beyond backing up a country like America in a conflict. Keep enough military forces to protect our islands and let America police the world.

NeverMetTheGuy 7 months

It seems like now that Boris is in office, the US and UK should be closer than ever. But maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way.

tim 7 months

About time. USA needs to stop giving away the store

Don Javis
Don Javis 7 months


anthony 7 months

Who trusts Pinocchio anymore besides Israel and Saudi Arabia?

Fin 7 months

They recognize the madness of king George... N king donald

CanadaIsAlreadyGreat 7 months

That's really bright guys. The only times Britain really needed help (i.e., WW1 and WW2), the Americans waited a couple of years until their credit ran out with American industry. Real considerate. Since then, the Brits have been helping bail out the U.S. after they fuck things up.

Foofie Dumplings
Foofie Dumplings 7 months

The UK should become a U.S. territory.

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