Sanders campaign urging volunteers to target Warren: Report

Sanders campaign urging volunteers to target Warren: Report

A report published by Politico reveals that a script released by the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders is reportedly asking people to project Senator Elizabeth Warren as a candidate who appeals only to wealthier and better educated voters. The script has, however, only been released to volunteers part of the Sanders campaign.

Tom A
Tom A
Kevin 2 months

About time. Bernie 2020.

mantico 2 months

I’ve seen a lot of people say she would make a good Vp pick for sanders. I think she would do better as a secretary of treasury if he put her in his cabinet

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 2 months

I’m disappointed Warren hasn’t yet set the record straight and call BS on this claim. It was a single post on a political blog from a poster who only posted once ever making this claim against Bernie. The post was then deleted. Shame on her for saying nothing, just like the unfounded claim Bernie allegedly told her a woman could not win the presidency while encouraging her to run in 2016!? I volunteer for the Sanders campaign and they specifically tell you not to disparage any candidate—Dem or republican—and I have never seen anything negative about any candidate in any of the scripts I have used.

Fin 2 months

U get to see just how sneaky they both are...

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