Oregon girl dead, boy missing after being swept into ocean

Oregon girl dead, boy missing after being swept into ocean

A girl, 7, is dead and her brother, 4, is missing after they and their father were swept into the ocean on the Oregon coast amid a high-surf warning. The father was hospitalized. The incident happened Saturday when the father was holding the two children when a wave swept all three into the water at about 12:30 pm in the Falcon Cove area. The search for the boy was suspended once it became dark.

porcus 5 months

That's a pretty awful thing for a father to experience, having children ripped out of your hands and drowned. I can't imagine how hard it would be to sleep after that.

Test Steam
Test Steam 5 months

18 months ago my wife and her whole immediate family were swept out by freak wave that was just below the knees, so not even deep. It sucked her brother who is 250 pounds in. That's 5 adults. My wife and her mom went to the left the other 3 to the right and were "spat" out. My MIL eventually washed up about a minute later and about 300ft away. My wife continued and I would see her hand every now and then behind the breakers, face down. Long story short, about a mile away I eventually managed to pull her put, she had stopped moving about 8 minutes earlier and would wash up, not moving and be sucked in a couple feet away from me just missing her each time. Tried CPR but I was exhausted after around 10 minutes of multiple CPR attempts she had a feint breath, medics took 45 minutes. Her one eye was swollen and Almost hanging out. Wife barely breathing, Helicopter took her. The first night she had 2 heart failures and her lungs were failing due to infection (debris). They couldn't use a normal dialysis machine as her heart was too weak and her toxins very very high they said 200x above normal. She was in a induced coma. Brain scans said she would be a vegetable. Even on life support her lungs were not getting enough oxygen to her brain or muscles and lactic acid levels were highly toxic. They gave her a 10% chance of survival. My kids fortunately didn't witness this and my parents took them away. Couple days went by and the list of organ failures grew. kidneys, lungs, heart, liver. Each night the head nurse in ICU would pray and sing for her. On the 6th day I had to go home around 400 miles away to sort out month end with my staff. later that same day,late Saturday night around 2200 having had nothing to eat or much rest I received a call. Caller ID showed ICU. I couldn't bring myself to answer, I was too tired and emotional. I was at a KFC, composed myself, said a little prayer and called back. The nurse firstly scolded me then I could hear tears from her as she described that my wife was sitting up in bed and all the nurses we celebrating. Obviously I got in the car and drove through. 6 hours later my wife had the pipes removed and could remember everything. pin numbers. At 5am the Neurosurgeon and other specialists there were around 4 all around her shaking their heads. They called her the miracle woman and over the next few days students and the matron of the hospital can't to visit and look at her charts. They were all surprised when it was pointed out that she was the patient in the charts. My sister in law who at the time of the wave was the only one left grabbing my hand as the rest got swept in said and on the 7th day God rested. It was exactly 6 days that passed after my wife woke up in a chemically induced coma, while being brain dead and without oxygen for almost 10 minutes at sea. 15 in total, no she also can't swim due to almost drowning at age 4. Hopefully my story will help others. They were scattering their dad's ashes and only ankle deep, the wave made it just below the knee. They had jeans on and no intention of getting wet. 5 adults went in and 5 returned. The suction was unbelievable. Her mom also needed CPR but was conscious still on the beach. Sadly her mom didn't know at the time about her daughter and when she got swept away was holding my wife's arm. So while they were both face down my wife couldn't turn over as her arm was being held by her mom, her mom thought it was a towel or something only a massive wave separated them. So I see a couple comments here about the father in this article being stupid etc. Have a moment of empathy. It happens so fast and is so unpredictable. You have very little control over anything in life.

Spitfire WA
Spitfire WA 5 months

This is just.. Tragic. Absolutely and utterly.

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