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Iran denies using live ammunition to quell protests

Iran denies using live ammunition to quell protests

Iran’s government has denied reports that security forces used live ammunition to disperse protests in Tehran after US President Donald Trump warned the country to not kill its protesters. Protests erupted after the belated admission of the government that an Iranian missile ’unintentionally’ shot down a Ukrainian jetliner, killing all 176 people on board.

CommanderVaasDC 8 months

like they denied shooting an airliner down?

ConcealCarryProtect 8 months

"No look see we weren't shooting real bullets. We just have a large quantity of blank rounds available for some fucking reason"

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 8 months

Prayers for these peaceful demonstrators.

Tim S
Tim S 8 months

Yes it is hypocritical for left wingers who preport to be pro human rights to ignore the anti government protests in Iran because it doesn't fit their narrative... although nowadays they're so obsessed with their anti-Trump narrative, that I'm happy that they're staying silent as opposed to screeching their support for the dictators at the expense of the Iranian people protesting their government under threat of death.

Aric 8 months

Just like they denied shooting down an airplane. Totally trustworthy.

Jon 8 months

Why would they blame Trump their own country shot it down and admitted it... oh right its just Fox news gaslighting

Gucci Swag B
Gucci Swag B 8 months

The bullet wounds determine that is a lie.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 8 months

lol at this point, Iran will implode before too long

Dave 8 months

Iran has so little credibility at this point, if they declared the sky was blue I would have to go and make sure.

sgt 8 months

Is this the same shithole country that told us they didnt use real missiles to shoot down a passenger jet?

riheg 8 months

The US destabilizing effort seems successful. But how are we gonna pay for then next war?

cam s
cam s 8 months

they aught to take out there Ayatollah ...

Moogle Joestar
Moogle Joestar 8 months

Iran's denial means nothing. Bunch of despots.

J. C.
J. C. 8 months

The EU is totally empowering and enabling this regime to kill innocents and creat nuclear weapons. The continent of Europe has no spine. Macron and Merkel and weakhanded and bitchmade by a bunch of radical islamists. Such a sad sight!

not the 1%
not the 1% 8 months

Trump tweets If u Wanna kill protesters, get them to put on "media" vests first If u just wanna shoot em, make sure they are mostly kids or old women, Just like our Israeli friends/bosses do 😉💪💪 USA USA, wo' I'm the greatest president

IIZard 8 months

Maybe the Iranians can overthrow this bullshit

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