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Trump blasts Bloomberg, criticizes him for ’False Advertising’

Trump blasts Bloomberg, criticizes him for ’False Advertising’

President Donald Trump on Monday offered some hefty criticism against Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City. The President defended the health record of his administration, and also claimed the Mr. Bloomberg, a presidential hopeful from the Democratic Party is spending a lot of money on ’False Advertising’.

Tom A
Tom A
Jon 6 months

What exactly is Trumps healthcare plan? What has he done for healthcare the past 3 years? He couldnt even pass healthcare with an entirely Republican government. Sad. Another broken promise. 😩

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 6 months

THe only health care the government should have ANYTHING to do with is for disabled and poverty stricken people. Everyone else need to be responsible for their own health. Otherwise you have assholes like Bloomberg telling people that super size slurpees are illegal and keeping babies "comfortable" while the doctor and the mom talk over whether or not to kill it.

Randall 6 months

Go Bernie Sanders for President!

Fin 6 months

That's rich coming from the king of lies n propaganda..

Hexstan 6 months

Quote from the hill- "Despite Trump's claim that he "saved" coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, he backed a bill that Republicans passed through the House in 2017 that would have let states to get waivers to allow people with pre-existing conditions to be charged significantly higher premiums, something that is banned under ObamaCare."

Star Alien
Star Alien 6 months

Baby hands?

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