Man who shot gunman outside church in Texas receives medal of courage

Man who shot gunman outside church in Texas receives medal of courage

Jack Wilson, the 71 year old who shot the gunman outside a church in Texas was honored with the highest civilian award of the state. Mr. Wilson was felicitated with the Governor’s Medal of Courage by the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott on Monday, at a ceremony in Austin.

Robert 3 months

The devil went down to White Settlement, he was looking for some lives to steal, he was in a bind, ‘cause he was way behind, and he was willin’ to make a deal. When he came across this church o’ folks singin’ and a prayin’ a lot, the devil jumped up with a 12-gauge pump and said, “Boy let me tell ya Hwhat.” “Now I guess you didn’t know it, but I’m a gun fighter too. And if you’d care to take a dare I’ll make a bet with you. Now you shoot pretty good Gramps, but give the devil his due. I’ll leave you full holes ‘cause you’re really old, and I think I’m better n’ you!” The man said, “Well, I’m a Boomer, and I tote.357 Sig, but I’ll take your bet, you’re gonna regret, ‘cause I’ll split ‘yer fuckin’ wig.” Boomer draw your gun fast, and get ready to go hard! ‘Cause hells broke loose in Texas, and the devil deals the cards. And if you win, you’ll be a called a HERO. But if you lose, this virgins KD ratio GROOWS! Then the devil pulled out a shotty and said, “I’ll start this show.” And fire flew from the muzzle tip as he claimed 1 innocent soul. Then he turned and shot another man. (at close range it was hard to miss.) And then the congregation lost their shit, and it sounded something like this. (Inaudible screeching.) When the devil paused, Boomer said, “Well your pretty good ole son. But I’ll lay you down you fuckin’ clown, let me show you how it’s done!” 🎶Fire-fight-in-the-church-RUN-BOYS-RUN🎶 🎶Devils-in-the-house-of-the-Lord’s-Son🎶 🎶One-shot-one-kill-PISSIN-HAWT-LOADS🎶 🎶Grandpa-did-you-get-clapped?🎶 🎶-No-child-No🎶 Now with a ventilated head, the shooter knew that he’d been beat. And he laid there bleeding on the ground at Boomer’s feet. Boomer said, “Well I must admit, it’s hard to sit, with balls this fuckin’ big. I done told you once you son of bitch, I tote .357 Sig.”

Drangus 3 months


Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 3 months

Just an old fellow being good citizen, thank you sir for keeping those people safe.

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 3 months

He should get the Medal of Honor.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 3 months

A one shot headshot at 30 feet at that age. Beautiful.

Seekster 3 months

I live about an hour away from White Settlement. The area is where the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex ends and the extremely rural "frontier" part of Texas begins. It's a very interesting mix of the two.

Nicholas Noel
Nicholas Noel 3 months

Title should change, it was inside the church not outside.

Sothensloth 3 months

dude looks every bit like I expected.

Fin 3 months

Outside no tell the truth n yes honor him he is a true hero

nate 3 months

Deserves it for sure. great fucking job gramps

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