Kentucky miners block coal train over missed paychecks

Kentucky miners block coal train over missed paychecks

A group of coal miners and their families in Kentucky blocked a train hauling a large shipment of coal after they claimed that they hadn’t received a month’s paycheck. Working for Quest Energy in Pike County, the miners say they haven’t been paid since December 16th.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 3 days

Legit. You don't pay then you don't reap the benefits of the labor.

Logan 3 days

Seems appropriate. No pay, no coal.

Liberty, Eh?
Liberty, Eh? 3 days

Surely this must somehow be Trumps fault.

Barry 3 days

seems there's no money in coal 🤔

Fin 2 days

If they were learning code at least they would get a paycheck

Adam 3 days

They were learning to code but someone forgot to explain the difference between block-chaining and block training. 😂

Andrew Mills
Andrew Mills 3 days

I hope someone gets a modded bulldozer.

Bruce 3 days

This may have more to do with them wanting to temporary layoff their employees without laying them off. If the employees on strike then a majority if not all the employees are no longer working and receiving a paycheck. They will probably pay them at some point in time but by then they will have a new contract for their coal. To the people talking about a union. Depending on the outfit and if it is a strip mines or deep mines it is most likely not unionized. For them to be protesting like they are jeopardizes each one of their jobs because Kentucky has no protection an employer can fire you if they don't like you or if they just feel like it. Most of these outfits have plenty of money put aside and would have no problem paying these employees so the reason has to be based on temporary layoff or profit.

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