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UK Gamblers to be banned from using credit cards

UK Gamblers to be banned from using credit cards

The Gambling Commission of UK has announced a ban on the use of credit cards for both offline and online gambling starting from April 14th. People will have to place bets using either a debit card or cash deposited into an account. However, the commission has made an exception for the National Lottery. The ban aims to minimize harm that consumers face from gambling with money they do not have.

NeverMetTheGuy 8 months

If they're paying their credit card bills, then this is absurd and anti capitalism. However, if people are using the cards and then end up losing thousands of pounds leaving then unable to pay, that's something entirely different.

Wholly 8 months

Love that exception...

Katharine 8 months


IIZard 8 months

Don't gamble with the bank's money... but they can gamble with yours!

Sandbox 8 months

This is actually a really really good law. Now I don't gamble so I don't know if it's already a law in the US but saying it's anti capitalist is true. Though It's also ignoring the fact that the creation of the banking system and the subsidation of today's low income with debt is also what is wrong with capitalism.

Fin 8 months

It is a US law on lottery... The single hardest addiction to beat is gambling.. N removing the cc from mix means one less tool in gamblers tool box when unable to put a cap on the habit

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 8 months

Honestly, this is not so bad and considering all the other problems in the UK, this is not a big concern

michael zubas
michael zubas 8 months

Thats smart. people should be Gambling with Cash, Not credit.

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