France, Britain, Germany to trigger Iran deal dispute mechanism

France, Britain, Germany to trigger Iran deal dispute mechanism

France, Britain and Germany are set to trigger the dispute mechanism in the Iran nuclear deal following renewed violations by Tehran of the 2015 accord. The decision is aimed at saving the deal by discussing with Iran what it should do to reverse its own course. The three countries are expected to inform the EU on their plan to trigger the mechanism.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 3 months

Great, nice to see my country (Britain) being idiots on the world stage again, articles literally state Iran has violated the deal AGAIN (they didn't follow it from day one ffs) and instead of withdrawing and putting sanctions on Iran, who just killed 176 innocent people, they think renegotiating with a country that has demonstrated time and time again they have no intent to follow any deal is a good idea. A deal which removes sanctions from Iran, allowing them to trade and make more money, paving the way to a greater military and quicker access to nuclear weapons. Edit: should the countries listed pull out and impose sanctions they have my full support, however if they "renegotiate" a paper deal which Iran disregard from day one, well, my above rant demonstrates my feelings

NPC #2
NPC #2 3 months

No, fuck Iran. Stop goving them money, they are just carrying on as usual anyways.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 3 months

Finally there are allies who are doing adult actions to secure the safety of soldiers and civilians. Spanky Bonespurs needs to be exiled with his cult.....

Noobs 3 months

What is required? War

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