Homeless mothers evicted from Oakland home by sheriff’s deputies

Homeless mothers evicted from Oakland home by sheriff’s deputies

Following a California court order last week, homeless women residing illegally in a vacant home were evicted by sheriff’s deputies. Dozens of activists protested as deputies escorted the women, their hands bound by plastic ties. The case has highlighted the state’s severe housing crisis and growing number of homeless people.

radical 3 months

weird how homelessness is rising with socialism. hmmmmm 🧐🤔

porcus 3 months

There are other options besides squatting in a vacant home. These women could be helped by a variety of charity organizations, or they could pool their resources together.

CommanderVaasDC 3 months

lmao protest, these protesters should watch some uk TV. theres a series of court officials that deal with squatters as one of the situations they have to deal with. its surprisingly high how many homeless people take over a vacant home that isnt theirs or the owner hasnt repaired to rent yet. it's called " cant pay we'll take it away." dont see to many protests for them being removed... must be because they're there illegally. lol

🌀W_AS 3 months

Homeless squatters evicted from Oakland home by sheriff's deputies.

mantico 3 months

People don’t realize that the police are there to protect capitalist interest and not the people. It’s backwards to how it should be

Fin 3 months

Weird how homelessness rising with income disparity... N always has... The crazy socialists give housing away to all that want it.. Gov housing per their life station as dictatated... Duh

Fin 3 months

Has to be a better way..

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 3 months

Why don't they just leave California? It's such a shithole, but they still stay.

WJ MacKENZIE 3 months

A bandaid for a symptom, but not a cure, nor addresses the cause.

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