Republicans expect to hold multi-week impeachment trial

Republicans expect to hold multi-week impeachment trial

The Senate impeachment trial is expected to begin early next week. Top Republicans say they expect the first phase — opening arguments and questions from senators — will last approximately two weeks. If so, it will be ongoing when President Trump gives his State of the Union speech on Feb. 4. After the first phase, a vote is expected on whether to call witnesses and, if so, whom.

Pryotra 2 days

That's the right way to handle this. Show the American people who is willing to do their job despite not wanting to do it. Have the trial, go through the motions, and get it resolved in a timely manner.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 3 days

If they call witnesses, maybe they can call on pencil neck so he can perjure himself

Fin 2 days

Anyone ever believe what they say... They will say anything n do the opposite to prop up dear leader.. Their oaths meaningless to the constitution... They took one to a person not the constitution.. A shameful pack

porcus 3 days

That's really too bad. Spineless turds.

Paul C
Paul C 3 days

Your mouth is saying no, but your eyes are saying yes.

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