Seekster 3 days

I would love to see the Senate or House someday vote to expunge this impeachment.

white cis male monster!
white cis male monster! 3 days

And they will no doubt. The only reason Pelosi and the rest of her coven are hanging on to it so they can say “hey nah, nah we got you impeached” like some teenage middle schooler. Epically childish.

Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill 3 days

Rudy is a moron trump will always be impeached just like Clinton will always be now the senate will probably acquit him just like Clinton but that’s it

Fin 3 days

That's a bogus claim as usual by Rudy.. All the senate can do is acquit or convict... Go read ur constitution... Nope the impeachment can't be removed by the Supreme Court..Unless Rudy thinks he has the full shadow power to amend the constitution with lev n par n Dimitri firtash

Fin 2 days

It's not gloating it's the stinging truth.... U can not undo the vote to impeach... N u can thank house gop for not negotiating for a censure over impeachment....

Fin 3 days

The kool ade is spiked

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