Trump says Sanders couldn’t have said a woman cant win the presidency

Trump says Sanders couldn’t have said a woman cant win the presidency

President Donald Trump appeared to defend Senator Bernie Sanders, and said that he does not believe that the Senator from Vermont could have said that a woman could not win the presidency. The President said that it was ’not the kind of thing he’d say’. Mr. Trump also added that he personally believed that a woman could become President of the United States.

porcus 2 months

HaHa! NOBODY believes Warren's lies!

Paul C
Paul C 2 months

About 292 days until AOC needs to get a new job.

TehChuckles 2 months

Lets count the Dimensions . 1. Trump extends an olive branch, seems normal to the regular voter and an act of a good leader. 2. Gets the extreme left screeching voters see them as unhinged. 3. Burnie will slap the Olive branch away denounce trump. making him look deranged for removing his own defence and denying peace across the isle. half the left will cheer the other half will ignore it. 4. Further division of the Democrats and demoralizing their base. 5. Warren will come out looking 1/1025th truthful. 6. CNN will be torn between: a: Orange man wrong, but Burnie still good. b Orange man Right, Burnie better. c Orange man Bad, Burnie also bad ignore previous statements. all three of these options are terrible for them and their optics with the left and normies alike.

6Million$Mansplainer 2 months

More 4D chess? POTUS knows his "endorsement" for Bernie will piss the left off royally . Maybe Bernie is a Trump/Russian bot in the mind of the left now, leaving only Warren and Biden. These two are unelectable, as everyone knows.

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