Christian school expelled student over a ’gay’ rainbow cake

Christian school expelled student over a ’gay’ rainbow cake

A Kentucky high school freshman was expelled from her school after a photo of her celebrating her 15th birthday with a colorful cake was uploaded on social media. Kenney Alford’s mom said that she received an expulsion email from Whitefield Academy’s head of school saying that the picture Kenney posted demonstrates a posture of ’morality and cultural acceptance contrary’ to the school’s beliefs.

porcus 3 months

I do not believe this. The letter from the school indicates there has been problems with her behavior for the last two years. She very likely instigated this response and is trying to drum up the outrage mob.

Forester_ 3 months

She didn't deserve to be expelled from school for the rainbow cake. It notes in the article that she had prior disciplinary problems, but nothing for months. And to think, the rainbow is supposed to be a Christian symbol too, shame on the school for overreacting.

CrumpledDance 3 months

Wow... every single girl in my 3rd grade class back in 1982 would have been expelled. We were obsessed with rainbows. And unicorns... and anything that wasn't a rainbow or unicorn just had to be purple. And all of us had either a sweater or t-shirt more or less identical to the shirt this girl is wearing (her shirt's a real blast-from-the-past🌈💜🦄). 'It's refracted light, people! It 'sn't always a social-political statement.'It's pretty and whimsical! From the USA Today article: .'. '(Alford) said Jacobson told her the cake and the sweat"r "just kind of represents gay pr"de" and that Alfo"d "should have refused the ca"e'" ' So, according to the girl, it was up to her to reject the birthday cake presented to her at her party because refracted light is used as a symbol by a particular minority group. And her Head Master thinks rainbows are only kinda sorta gay. Also from the same article, a quote confirming the historic use of the rainbow as a symbol of Christianity" "... a rainbow does not solely represent LGBTQ movements but is also mentioned in the Bi'le's Book of Genesis as a symbol of 'od's covenant with Noah following the flo"d." And here is the actual verse" "And Lo, I shall lay my bow upon the clouds, and this shall be my covenant with y"u." Genesis 9:13 Whatever happened previously with Alf'rd's conduct, it seems that the school concocted a scandal from this lovely photo as an excuse to jettison the girl.

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