UK inflation at lowest since late 2016

UK inflation at lowest since late 2016

UK’s inflation rate fell to its lowest for more than three years in December. The interest rate dropped to 1.3% last month, down from 1.5% in November. Experts suggest the dip raises the prospects of an interest rate cut.

Fin 2 days

Bs..... But consumer prices rose...

Jared 2 days

Socialism in the United Kingdom finally pays off, right comrades? Lowest inflation rate since 4 years ago! Now to just get the tax rate below 70% and fix the real estate costs...

timohy 2 days

Not all inflation is bad it depends on the circumstances. I don't know much about the mechanisms in the british economy but boasting low inflation is not a full picutre. You have to look at underemployment, unemployment, wage gaps, and the velocity at which money flows through the economy. How are workers economics? Are they profiting or are the people at the top getting a large share of the profits?

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