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NASA slams China as rocket debris lands in Indian Ocean

NASA slams China as rocket debris lands in Indian Ocean

NASA has rebuked China for failing to meet responsible spacefaring standards after remnants of the nation’s Long March 5B rocket landed in the Indian Ocean on Sunday. ’It is clear that China is failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris,’ NASA Administrator Sen. Nelson said. Discarded rocket stages typically reenter the atmosphere soon after liftoff and don’t go into orbit.

John W
John W 1 months

New Public documents discovered showing Chinese military and government scientists discussing weaponizing SARs virus, 5 years ago. Chinese military scientists discussed weaponising SARS coronaviruses

ttocsick 1 months

Always cutting corners with everything they do. Space debris, the environment, muslim slave labor...there is no rhyme or reason we should be having any normalized relations with China whatsoever. You can't conduct business, or anything else, with a country that practices those kinds of methods and policies. It's not sound in an economic sense or in the sense of national security. They are the enemy.

Aaron 1 months

"Man made climate" fanatic acting, James Haden supports leftist climate "people control" to point of changing historical and future temperature data, but doesn't like the byproduct of the LEFT CCP? Hmmm? What a LEFT conundrum.

Stuart 1 months

I guess China thinks they can do whatever the hell they want regardless of what other country's government-based agencies say about it....

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 1 months

We should instead be overjoyed that thing did not accidentally land on a populated area. I hate to say it but that's what Chinese get for trying to program missiles navigation and Control software in Chinese language. For argument's sake I'm going to presume that they did not steal that software. Unless you have any experience in programming you cannot imagine the learning curve involved in something that complex to be converted into another language.

Ty 1 months

Is it negligence or a knowledge gap NASA doesn't want to fill in?

Seekster 1 months

Congress need to properly fund NASA's manned spaceflight program if they want to seriously compete with China's upcoming plans for manned spaceflight.

Aaron 1 months

Nasa acting like itself isnt a giant waste of taxpayer money...

TheWeakMinded 1 months

Yea, China really cares about their trash and pollution

tim 0 months

They shit in their own back yard why not space?

Zeeshan 1 months

That's rich. A certain skylab comes to mind.

Fishe 1 months

i bet ol Winnie is embarassed.

Benjamin 1 months

‘It’s clear China is failing to meet responsible standards’ You don’t say.

Faittastic 1 months

Nah i just got a good throw

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