Project Veritas publishes video: Sanders staffer saying ’cities will burn’

Project Veritas publishes video: Sanders staffer saying ’cities will burn’

Project Veritas just released a video showing a staffer for Democratic presidential candidate Sanders saying that ’Milwaukee will burn’ if Sanders doesn’t get the Democratic nomination. The staffer was identified as Kyle Jurak, an organizer for the Sanders campaign. Project Veritas was created by James O’Keefe, known for controversial undercover video recordings, calls himself a ’guerrilla journal

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 1 months

Some true colors showing here. Can you imagine the wall to wall coverage of this, if this had been a Trump guy?

Jon 1 months

Why anyone would listen to Project Veritas that has been exposed for lies and misinformation. The irony is incredible.

Ben B.
Ben B. 1 months

Lots of shills here trying to say Project Veritas isn't legitimate, obviously providing no proof in the process. The more shills they send to put something down, the more of a problem it is to the people who sent the shills.

Jennafer 1 months

kind of a misleading title. Also dude was having drinks at a bar, talking about his own sensibilities in regards to Trump. This is not journalism. This is a sad attempt to smear Bernie supporters, because they have nothing substantive to say about Bernie's policies. Amazing how quickly the media went from a Bernie blackout until the establishment realized he could win. Pathetic.

I'm 1 months

So people are freaking out over this because a staffer said something controversial of his own opinion and it doesn’t reflect Bernie’s own opinions... Have these same people heard what has come straight from Trump disgusting narcissistic fascist mouth? Like not just his staffers but from the man himself? Get out of here. If Bernie condemns this staff member then this will blow over. Bernie has ultimately had no control over the views and opinions his staff members say in private conversations, but now that this has come out I’m sure he’ll take appropriate action.

Rddon 1 months

Oh yeah, project Veritas, the guys who cut up footage all the time. What does this even mean? So some people in a left wing campaign are farther left than the candidate. And? There's white nationalists in our current administration. Almost like you cant control what your staffers think.

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