Outrage over ’transgender’ childs doll on sale in Russia

Outrage over ’transgender’ childs doll on sale in Russia

An unsourced message with photos of a female baby doll with male genitals was found circling the Internet. According to it, the ’trans dolls’ were found in a ’Planet of Toys’ store in the Russian town of Novosibirsk. In Russia it is prohibited to tell or suggest to children that trans people exist so these possibly defective dolls are presented as evidence of illegal propaganda.

white cis male monster!
white cis male monster! 1 months

Since when have dolls had genitalia at all? It’s clear this is about shoving an agenda down people’s throats by being as provocative as possible while waiting for the response they want to scream “transphobe!” At anyone who disagrees with sexualizing children. How is this affliction something to celebrate?

Stephen 1 months

Who is that even for?

Lady Jane
Lady Jane 1 months

i guess the maker never thought a kid would dress his doll up in opposite sex clothes or cut barbies hair...

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