Florida woman who fed vultures, gators settles lawsuit

Florida woman who fed vultures, gators settles lawsuit

A Florida woman who fed vultures, alligators and other wildlife behind her house, has agreed to pay $53,000 to settle a suit brought by the community’s property owners association. In approving the settlement, the court barred Irma Acosta Arya from further feedings. The association alleged that Acosta Arya’s feedings attracted vultures, raccoons, alligators and a bobcat, since 2016.

Carol 3 months

Now they will start "eating" the community's pets and citizen...good job association.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

53,000 seems steep. I understand the risk of domesticating gators, but damn. Also fuck homeowners associations.

Fin 3 months

Had she. Fed the vultures to the gators maybe she might have reduced her fine

Sapper 3 months

I love ornithology, but damn, God had a sense of humour when he threw together vultures!

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