Panama religious sect kills seven in ’exorcism’ ritual

Panama religious sect kills seven in ’exorcism’ ritual

Ten people belonging to a religious sect New Light of God have been arrested for killing seven indigenous people, including a pregnant woman and five of her children in exorcism rituals in western Panama. 15 more people have been freed. The bodies were found buried in a pit. Police said the seven were killed after being tortured, burned and hacked with machetes to make them ’repent their sins’.

Krešimir Turkalj
Krešimir Turkalj 3 months

Can't imagine what those 15 captives are going through now, must be awful.

Fin 3 months

This is an evangelical cult that began in Mexico. Wonder if it is also in usa n perhaps linked to the kids missing n the parents won't cooperate

Seekster 3 months

Leave exorcism to the Catholic Church please.

Bennington 3 months

Just the name The New Light of God raises the biggest red flag possible

Marius 3 months

Their God is into some weird shit

Takoda Ackerley
Takoda Ackerley 3 months

disgusting excuses for human beings.

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