Alphabet hits $1 trillion valuation

Alphabet hits $1 trillion valuation

Google’s owner Alphabet has become a trillion-dollar company for the first time. Alphabet becomes the fourth US firm to reach the bumper valuation with shares closing at a record high of $1,450.16 Thursday. It followed tech rivals Microsoft, Apple and Amazon over the $1 trillion mark.

BumperCar 5 months

JESUS... a corporation shouldn't have such wealth at hand...

Cole 5 months

These companies need to be split up via anti trust asap!

Jack 5 months

I’m sure shareholders are happy. Enjoy further privacy nightmares and integrations.

TehChuckles 5 months

MFW, I fell into more power than whats held by my own government. (page pic related)

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 5 months

Seems like people that should really be concerned with the Federal Reserve and quantitative easing are worried about a metric of a public corporation. No fucking wonder dipshit socialists are running for president and getting traction.

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