TheDailyBeast thinks Bloomberg is a bigger danger to democracy than Trump

TheDailyBeast thinks Bloomberg is a bigger danger to democracy than Trump

Joel Kotkin of TheDailyBeast claims: ’Bloomberg is a man of undisguised arrogance. As mayor, he already saw himself as a sort of little president.’ ’Should he gain access to the real Army and State Department, he’ll use them as he sees fit, and with little concern for the will of the voters.’

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion

Hell yeah he's a lying Devil selling this country out!!!!!!

Fin 5 months

The headline totally misleading on this thread.... N dear leader detests Bloomberg because Mike is far n above richer n in the circles dear leader envied n wanted to be in... It's that juvenile..

timohy 5 months

Bernie is our only chance at common sense legislation for the 21st century.

andrew 5 months

Firstly comparing Bloomberg to Berlusconi is like comparing a world-class authority  to a buffoon who didnt even run the trains on time.  Morally they are on other sides of the world.  The only fair comparison to trump is Berlusconi and Mussolini. That said. ..  B. would be a better ANYTHING than Trump -- But this is shaping up to be an election that decides whether we slide towards a class-warfare revolution ( the status-quo gravitational pull ) or towards a newer escape-from-the-planet-of-unbridled-capitalism towards a historically-destined acceptance of our exceptionalism hurtling us towards a new adventure: trusting ourselves as humanity to still have the capacity for love of one another and enlightened self-interest to co-exist in a planned, contractual marriage. for this we need not another well-meaning White Male Oligarch but rather a Mother who knows Better and is smart enough and steely enough to say NO to the greedy and Yes to our potential preservation without sacrificing her integrity while finding healthy compromise that starts from a BASE that outsizes Trumps - about two to one. All it requires is energizing at an intensity equal to Trumps. Warren can do that if she and Bernie make peace for the greater good. Bernie should have won 2016 but is now passed. Mike - much as I like him - is a manager from another era. Everyone has their time, and his is passed. he should have run against Reagan and Both Bushes. Now he should be FUNDING a PAC to eliminate PACS led by Lawrence Lessig - or such similar concepts - that vows to eliminate private funding bribery contributions to elected and appointed alike. If he REALLY wants to make a lasting difference get RID of private money or we'll NEVER have clean, sound intentional laws as our founders envisioned.

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