Pig farmer ’eaten by his own pigs’

Pig farmer ’eaten by his own pigs’

A Polish pig farmer is feared to have been eaten by his own pigs after collapsing from a suspected heart attack. Neighbors, curious after not seeing the 71-year-old, identified only as Krzysztof, since New Year’s Eve visited his farm to find a pile of bones and skull fragments. He is believed to have been devoured by 12 Hungarian Mangalica pigs.

Sothensloth 5 months

Don't worry kryz, I'll avenge you! I'll eat everyone of those bastards if I have to!

James Sanford (Retroambassador)
James Sanford (Retroambassador) 5 months

it happens far more often than you might believe. my mom had a family friend who suffered a similar fate

BumperCar 5 months

Absolutely horrifying

Seekster 5 months

Is this Clarice?

Carol 5 months

Not surprising. He, apparently, suffered a heart attack. The captive pigs became hungry and he was the only food around, so they ate him. it's not like they plotted against him,lol.

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