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Toyota shifting pickup production to Mexico

Toyota shifting pickup production to Mexico

Toyota said on Friday it will move production of its mid-size Tacoma pick-up truck from the US to Mexico. The company also said it will end production of the Toyota Sequoia in Indiana by 2022 as that facility focuses on mid-size SUVs and minivans. The car-maker will shift production of the Sequoia in 2022 to Texas with an effort to ’improve the operational speed’.

Lickem 7 months

its always the same. globalism must perish for first World nations to thrive again

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 7 months

Yeaaaa USMC! Another Trump win for US workers.

Arthur 7 months

pst wanna lose sales move to mexico!

Carol 7 months

Can you blame them? Trump was schooled by Putin on "how to" disassemble America; GOP seems to work well in the tearing apart of America! Won't be a civilized country too much longer!

Fin 8 months

Mexico needs the factory to help pay for that wall.... Ted Cruz n John Cornyn.. U said nothing to protect Texas jobs really... Must be all the illegals where in those jobs anyway right.. No big loss.. Right.. tell it to the decent folks who just got pink slipped

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