Mr. Spartacus
Mr. Spartacus 0 months

Ever hear about the story where the FBI plant goes undercover in a “neo nazi hate group”...alphabet boi gathers all this evidence, people inciting violence, plotting anti government terrorisim , and just about everything else you’d come to expect from a “neo nazi hate group”. Well day of the FBI raid comes and the FBI arrests all the members of the group. Turns out the entire group was US marshal, state police, and some other LEO plants all doing their own undercover sting operation and everyone had been saying terrorist stuff to get others (LEOs) to say terrorist stuff and build their case. The fed raised themselves for being terrorists...guaranteed there’s FBI or US marshal plants everywhere stirring the pot to entrap shit posters and brand them terrorists. And that goes for the protest on the 20th. I hope to god nothing happens

Lickem 0 months

its all lies. its a white genocide and those men were merely looking out for themselves LIKE EVERY OTHER GROUP IS ENCOURAGED TO. someone better kick this house of cards down soon before they open the concentration camps

Paul C
Paul C 0 months

I'm sure there guys are a-holes, but why is this news somehow more 'newsworthy' than arresting gang members in major cities across the US.

Aydan Melton
Aydan Melton 0 months

the FBI needs to be majority power checked

Fin 0 months

Because Paul c its bigger it's about a domestic terrorism cell that assisted a foreigner to illegally enter for domestic terror purposes n training... N the Marylander ensnared is a former US military scout.. Means he is well trained.... It's about radicalization at home... Could be wide n big as in they r thinking OK city bombing type mentality.. When u call urselve the base an glorify AL queda... U ought realize that's a major nerve... N we know they went to Alabama... Trained in Georgia.. God knows probably in Idaho n arkansas n where else... Who n how r they radicalized n organizing n who n what are their objectives n targets... This n they r dangerous to domestic security... Makes u wonder bout the cat who got near marine one in Florida this month... I may get disgruntled with my president but I fear for his life... N lives of my fellow Americans.. screw the politics..

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 0 months

I do NOT trust the FBI but it is good that they have take the socialist off the streets. Socialism has no place in the US. The boys that want to bring back the father land tnd the National Socialist Workers Party abbreviated: Natzi are misguide anti freedom Thugs THey would fit rite in at an AOC rally though.

Fin 0 months

Go get em fbi..

Up 0 months

They will use this as an example over and over again to "prove" white supremacists are a threat. While they continue to ignore the violence on the Left, from inner city gangs and antifa.

Fin 0 months

More are out there... Get all of them

yuckycrumpet 0 months

Concealed. Stop claiming you’re a mod. Dickheads everywhere on this app.

Foofie Dumplings
Foofie Dumplings 0 months

Good! We need to bear down hard on domestic and foreign terrorist!

not the 1%
not the 1% 0 months

Those classy looking guys must have lines of chicks looking to breed with them to help preserve the white race..

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