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Central American migrants and movement opposing troops amass in Guatemala

Central American migrants and movement opposing troops amass in Guatemala

A surge of 3,500 people from Central America arrived in Guatemala as recently as this week, are U.S. bound. This pressures leaders of Guatemala and Mexico during a time of U.S. resistance of migration into the USA. America has recently struck a Safe Third Country deal with Guatemala which stops migrants from entering the USA while awaiting refugee status approval.

B. K.
B. K.
Avi Khait
Avi Khait 7 months

The caravans must consistently fail, otherwise they'll continue on. I feel sorry for all those people, but most of them are economic migrants. They need to work on fixing their own countries.

Seekster 7 months

Hold the line Mexico!

Dave 7 months

But if it's not a white country stopping them, then how will the media call them racists?!

Ellen 7 months

Harrowing my ass. It is a crowd of low IQ uneducated opportunists wanting something for nothing. Probably funded by Soros.

ConcealCarryProtect 7 months

Now they are getting it.

IvoryDove 7 months

Migration without formal approval is a crime.

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 7 months

"migrants" don't storm borders. "Invaders" do. If someone tried to forcefully enter your home, would you describe them as a migrant storming your door, or a home invader?

CommanderVaasDC 7 months

time homepage is annoying.

david dindu
david dindu 7 months

trump was right. mexico is the wall

Seekster 7 months

Here we are now, cheering for Mexico.

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 7 months

The USA is about to become IRL tower defense

mantico 7 months

So many of you guys don’t care about other humans. You realize you feed into the idea of American acceptionalism. Which is where Americans can’t do no wrong in any situation and their lives are valued more than anyone else. Pathetic

npc8472 7 months

This is what I want to know. All the people in these caravans have to recognize they look like an invading army. A huge mass of thousands of people marching on another countries border while waving the flag of their home country. Do they really think they will be welcomed with open arms? They won't and rightly shouldn't be. The gall it takes to demand entry to another country alone makes me want every single one of them to be refused entry. Not to mention that false claims to our legal system are illegal....meaning all those who falsely claim asylum would be criminals. Let's not forget the last group that actually stormed out border....

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 7 months

Why don't they protest against their own government. Have some pride in their nation and fight to better it.

IIZard 7 months

Shoot them.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 7 months

It's an election year and the caravans start making the news. Ho hum. 😂

Lady Jane
Lady Jane 7 months

Follow the money....The US-Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement, before that Dole Pineapple and Chiquita Bannana and of course low poor education and corrupt gov. pop up when u do a quick google on what tbe problem is. I smell 1%. I dont want these people coming here but I wish they could clean house...who will belp them?

Pj 7 months

These people need to learn a hard lesson. i am saying only shoot as a last line of defence, they are invaders and need to be treated as such.

cem 7 months

U.S. must not criticize these people. I'd like to immigrate to the European Union or the USA, due to their high-level law of rights and/or science and technology.

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