Amazon partners with 20,000 mom-and-pop stores in India

Amazon partners with 20,000 mom-and-pop stores in India

Amazon said on Saturday it has partnered with thousands of neighborhood stores across India. Amazon plans to use the shops to store and deliver goods. Calling it a win-win scenario for all, CEO Jeff Bezos wrote, ’It’s good for customers, and it helps the shop owners earn additional income’. As part of the program dubbed ’I have Space’, the company has partnered with more than 20,000 kirana stores.

ardurren 1 months

my mother's candle shop in colorado will be so relieved....

Lickem 1 months

all these corporations and those that run them are traitors and people are starting to notice. Probably because theyre rubbing our faces in it.

daddymoon666 1 months

Suuuuuure it does...

Indo 1 months

Great way to get things moving.

Fin 1 months

The goal... Multiple sources and payback for box stores that destroyed small businesses... That's always been Amazon's goal.. Pay attention.. It levels the playing field n u can choose often wher n who sends u the product...

Jack 1 months

Eventually most of the services and internet we use today will be replaced by ones that serve the purposes we originally sought them for.

Apache helicopter
Apache helicopter 1 months

Bezos doesn't care whom he's exploiting, equal duress provider ✌

..... 1 months

They'll have better luck in India than China I'm sure. Nowhere near the levels of ethnonationalism and thievery there.

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