Senate GOP doesn’t ’have the votes’ to dismiss impeachment trial, says Graham

Senate GOP doesn’t ’have the votes’ to dismiss impeachment trial, says Graham

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham conceded on Sunday that there is not a majority in the Senate to quickly dismiss the impeachment trial of President Trump. ’There are a lot of senators who I think will wind up acquitting the president but believe we need to hear the House’s case (and) the president’s case’, Graham said. The impeachment trial is set to begin Tuesday in the Senate.

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 4 months

'And soon, we won't have the votes to stop witnesses being called either'

Dave 4 months

Isn't that what Trump wants? A trial so they can drag out Biden's dirty laundry while trying to "find the truth"?

porcus 4 months

This is why I despise the Republicans. They are spineless, testicleless, and utterly without a desire to fight for what they claim to believe.

undertow 4 months

Flimsy Lindsey. As he said he has to stay relevant. Even when it means selling the constitution and the American people. Total corroboration and literally mountains of evidence from anyone involved that trump hasn’t blocked from testifying or providing documents.

bobby_5150 4 months

Mountains of evidence of hearsay.

Fin 4 months

Brickloads of stonewalling by dear leader.. Bout the only wall he has built with success

Fin 4 months

Should tell u something... Don't be shocked if some vote yes to convict on article of abuse of power... Won't be many but some will... N if dear leader tries shaming any of them during the trial he could find more defections... To remove either article that reaches a sixty one vote count to convict removes him... I doubt that will happen but see if he thinks he can f with em via Twitter or some rally during the trial n they don't buzz back on him... Watch Ben sasse.. Grassley... Not just the ones press tells u too.....all depends on house managers present.. N wh counsel defends...

J. C.
J. C. 4 months

such loser talk from the Senators the whole thing is a scam, I would seek a dismissal immediately, if they conduct it like a real trial the case would be dismissed

Fin 4 months

Oops Lindsey.... Did ur own words come back from the past to bite u in the ass... U are just as slimey as ever since ur days hanging out in ur family's bar.. Sc vote him out when his time comes.. U know u deserve better..

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